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Cape Cod Canal Region Chamber of Commerce Statement on Hotel-Motel & Meals Tax


The Board of Directors of the Cape Cod Canal Region Chamber does not support the local option to increase the hotel/motel or meals tax.


Marie Oliva , President & CEO stated: "The tourism industry in Bourne, Sandwich, and Wareham is already the pipeline that brings revenue to local communities. Additional taxes are counterproductive and not the answer to the budget problems facing local towns.  Rather, towns need to invest more in the tourism and hospitality industry by marketing and promoting the region, which would lead to more dollars spent by visitors and additional revenue back to the towns."

Allowing local communities to decide whether to tax restaurants and lodging would create an inconsistent approach town by town.  Many establishments in the canal region are "mom & pop" businesses that should not be singled out for additional taxes.  The Board of Directors believe this regressive approach will be detrimental for business, and thus resulting in less revenue to towns, not more.