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Scallop Fest Press Release

August 17, 2015


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Love Scallops?

Falmouth, MA - Love scallops?  We sure do—so much we celebrate them yearly with their own party—the Scallop Festival.  We’ve been doing this for quite a long time—46 years. 
Yes, it was 46 years ago—1969--when some local fishermen got together at Buzzards Bay Park and decided to have a Scallop Festival.  The idea was to attract tourists to the area and to provide a family-oriented event for residents. 

And what a success it was.  And how it has grown.  So much so, that it’s attended by over 50,000 visitors and has been awarded The American Bus Association’s Top 100 Events in North America for 5 years in a row!

It’s a fundraiser as well.  Monies collected from this event go to the communities the Cape Cod Canal Region Chamber of Commerce & Foundation serve.  This Chamber primarily represents the communities of Bourne, Sandwich & Wareham, but also serves towns throughout Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts. 

It’s an economic bonanza for those communities.  The Scallop Fest increases tourism and creates employment opportunities for hundreds of local people.  Contractors, plumbers and electricians are hired to set up the Fest.  Police, fire and security personnel are hired to ensure the safety of the visitors.  Businesses that supply tents, portable toilets, printing, supplies and equipment are hired to provide the necessities. 

This year’s Scallop Festival is at the Cape Cod Fairgrounds, 1220 Nathan Ellis Highway, in East Falmouth.  It’s the same venue as the Barnstable Fair, which gives us lots of room for this expanding event.  The celebration is on September 18, 19 and 20.  It’s packed with something for everyone.  There’s a Home Show, Craft Show, food vendors, awesome entertainment, and an inflatable park that the kids are just going to love!  We also have boat building and activities for children.  Ever hear of a Corn Hole Tournament?  We’re having that too.  Oh…and there will be scallops—lots of them!  Actually about 6,000 lbs. are consumed during the 3 days.

Did you know that scallops are sea dwellers?  They are actually animals from the group of mollusks known as bivalves.  Their name comes from their fan-like shell that is made up of ridges that are scalloped.  The right valve of their shell is usually larger than the left; they use that hatchet foot valve to burrow into the sand beneath the ocean.  They don’t burrow down very far though, just enough to dig their right valve into the sand in shallow water.  Rarely will you find a scallop attached to rocks; they prefer swimming or resting on the ocean bottom.  At the Scallop Fest you’ll find scallops on your plate.

Come find out for yourself what the Scallop Fest is all about—join us on September 18, 19 & 20.  Learn more and purchase tickets at:

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